Finding Meaning–Making Meaning




Opportunity (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)




Writing this blog is difficult. I write other blogs and they seem to be easier, but investing my life and energy with meaning is different, and the blog, by that logic, is different too. I live in a sort of suspended state between life and limbo. I am still relatively active. I made myself breakfast this morning and washed clothes and dishes and answered the phone. I call that active. O.K. I’m not an invalid or bed-fast. I can take care of myself. But that’s a long way for doing anything that I consider meaningful. I don’t teach or preach or feed anybody. I’m trying to find a way to make my time on earth worthwhile, to benefit others, or contribute to joy and purpose in my environment.

So it has come down to this blog. I value the meaning people like Viktor Frankl, Don Piper, and Nick Vojicic share with me about meaning in life. There are lots of others: Billy Graham, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, and the list goes on. People who have changed the world or at least their part of it. I find all of those stories inspiring. I am bold enough that I want to be among them. I want to encourage the people I associate with–my family and the people I live with here at “the home.”  I do what I can, but for the wider world, this blog is about it. I hope I get a few readers who look for meaning in their own circumstances and share it with those they meet and live with and love.

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